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WOW. The University of Chicago is helping to fund some students’ memberships in a sadomasochism club. This is so wrong! In so many ways! Don’t you think?

    [The College Fix] — Some University of Chicago students may need to add whips, collars and handcuffs to their back-to-school shopping list.

    That’s because the elite private college’s Risk-Awareness Consensual Kink student club, affectionately known around campus as RACK, has plans to take field trips to the local kinky sex club.

    The visits are eyed for Galleria Domain 2, the windy city’s “place to explore and satisfy your fetish, kink, leather, and BDSM fantasies,” complete with “three rooms of unique, high quality BDSM furniture, two social areas, and a library,” the club’s website states.

    Well, at least it has a library, although I’m not sure how much reading goes on in there.

    On May 6, the University of Chicago’s Student Government Finance Committee voted 5-0 to approve $300 to help fund trial memberships for students to the club, described at the meeting as “Chicago’s biggest dungeon.”

    It was billed as an “opportunity to connect/engage with the broader Chicago kink community … (and) to engage in BDSM activities that are not suitable/appropriate for spaces that students have access to (i.e., in shared apartments or shared rooms),” according to the meeting’s minutes posted online.

    They may have a point. Flogging and electrocution might not play so well in the Max Palevsky Residential Commons.


Right! But who knows, the way things are going, on-campus sexual torture just might be next! 0-0!

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~ It looks like this is not the first time that this University has supported sadomasochistic torture practices of their students:

    “In February, the campus hosted a “Taste of Kink” workshop as part of its annual Sex Week activities that allowed students to explore “the exchanges and sensations that can be generated by floggers, rope, electricity and more,” the agenda stated.”

Right! Because sexual sadism, masochism and torture should be part of every students’ formal education! (NOT.)

We encourage everyone to write to the University of Chicago and share their concerns/opinions/objections to allowing and funding this sort of abuse and harmful “education” of their students!



As for other universities…

    “The University of Chicago is not alone in its student sexual exploration. Harvard University has a club called MUNCH that caters to students who like “alternative sexuality and kink.” So does Columbia University. The University of Michigan recently hosted a BDSM tutorial.

    In years past at Yale’s Sex Weeks, they have included everything from sadomasochistic porn screenings to sex toy demonstrations to live nudity in the classroom.”

~ Ouch! We’re not sure how or why the parents of these students are allowing this, or why the U.S. government approves loans for young people to “study” and support sadomasochism and abusive sex, but we sincerely hope that concerned parents, professors, students and others speak up to the appropriate parties to help end this insanity.

    “As for these colleges’ Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism events, they unfold against the backdrop of “50 Shades of Grey,” the soft-porn book sensation (and pending Hollywood hit) that helped normalize painful sex.

    If behavior modification is the goal, there’s a captive audience at universities (pardon the pun).”



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