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Here’s a powerful article that addresses the connections between pornography and celebrity photo leaks. ~~

WARNING! Graphic and disturbing content ahead!

    [Mashable] — “…Gail Dines, chair and professor of American Studies at Wheelock College in Boston, told Mashable the hack represents something more insidious than just standard economics.

    “To be unclothed in the face of people who are clothed is to be rendered powerless,” she said. “This is really about humiliating women, degrading them and reducing them to…f*ck objects.”

    Dines, author of the book PORNLAND: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality, said the release of the private images is behavior typical of a “porn culture” in which women are disposable objects used temporarily, and often brutally, for physical pleasure. In this worldview, women’s bodies are cheap and undeserving of privacy or integrity.

    This sounds like sick hyperbole until Dines starts to list the trends she observes as a pornography researcher. In certain threads, male users ask for suggestions on how to find particularly demeaning scenes, like a woman registering physical pain performing certain sexual acts, such as anal sex. Numerous commenters will direct him to a specific film and recommend a scene — down to the second.

    In a kind of porn known as “facial abuse,” women are often brought to the brink of asphyxiation. In one recent example, Dines recalled, she watched as a famous porn actress was choked and strangled to the point where her eyes began to roll back into her head. The scene ended with the star in tears, her running mascara mixed with the semen that had been ejaculated into her eyes.”


~~ Thank you, Gail, for having the courage to share the UGLY TRUTH. As horrific as the reality of porn is, it will never get better unless we inform people about it, so that something can be done to stop this devastatingly cruel nightmare that harms so many people, especially women and girls.

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