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Check out this great letter from Fight the New Drug responding to Jennifer Lawrence’s new Vanity Fair interview! ~~~

    “…When we just read your first interview since your hacked photos were released, you said something we found super concerning:

    “I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”

    Now, after reading that, we couldn’t help but feel like your perceptions of a “healthy” relationship were a little bit off. However, we also know that there are thousands upon thousands of women out there who feel the exact same way. We are sorry for that.

    We’re sorry that society has been “pornified” and that we are living in a culture that thinks that hacked and stolen photos of naked people are something to seek out, cheer for, laugh about, and spread around. With a society that thinks a woman is only as good as her body, it’s easy to see why you would feel like your boyfriend would turn to porn even when dating a talented and beautiful woman like yourself.”



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Also check out more of Jennifer’s comments on how she was violated by the nude photos being leaked, and people looking at them, via Vanity Fair article:



Also, here’s another great article on this topic, from our friend Gabe Deem, (ex porn addict), of The Reboot Nation:

“My message to these guys: Pull your pants up from your ankles, and quit jackin’ off to porn. Then maybe girls won’t feel the need to take nude pics in the first place. The pleasure porn offers cannot compare to the pleasure and love that a real flesh n’ blood woman can give you. I can promise you no amount of pixels can ever love you back.”


Right on, Gabe! Keep up the great work in speaking out!



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