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GOOD NEWS! Some justice is achieved, with this first revenge porn conviction in California under their new law! 🙂

    [LA TIMES] — Three years ago, Noe Iniguez and his girlfriend broke up. That’s when he decided to get even, prosecutors said.

    He posted a topless photograph of his ex-girlfriend on her employer’s Facebook page along with messages calling her a “drunk” and a “slut” and encouraging her firing, they said.

    Until recently, his actions would have been outside the reach of the law, because victims were not offered protection from people who intentionally posted their nude photographs without their consent.

    That changed when a new law took effect in October 2013, making Iniguez’s actions a misdemeanor crime.

    This week, he became the first person in California to be convicted for “revenge porn” and was sentenced to a year in jail.


~~ Yay! We hope this will deter other offenders from thinking they can get away with posting their own revenge porn.

READ THE FULL STORY: (It’s very informative!)



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