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ANNUAL REPORT AND CALL FOR YEAR-ENDING DONATIONS! 🙂 There’s still time to make an anti-porn contribution for 2014! It’s tax-deductible! ~ Doing so will help us do more much-needed and important work to reach and help humanity in 2015!



1) We posted 21 new videos at our 8 YouTube channels!

2) Our videos got over 1.5 million views this year, and all of our videos combined have now surpassed over 15 MILLION VIEWS!

3) Our 8 YouTube channels now have over 15,000 subscribers!

4) Our main YouTube channel became an official YouTube Nonprofit channel!


5) We facilitated Jessica Mendes speaking out about her harmful experiences doing porn by arranging two radio interviews for her, a video interview with The Mindful Habit, an interview for an upcoming book by UK feminist Kat Banyard, and a powerful speech at Arizona State University! (With over 265,000 views in just 7 months!) All are posted on her page at our website:


6) We got two articles by sex industry survivors Cameron Adams (Bay) and Alexandra M. published online at the online magazine Ravishly, and they were later also published at the Huffington Post:



7) We surpassed over 23,000 followers at our 8 Twitter accounts, and have posted over 8,000 tweets since we started our first account 5 years ago!


8) We gained many new supporters and informed many people about the harms of pornography at our WordPress and Tumblr blogs, and our other social networking sites at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+!

9) We got some great new volunteers, including awesome Taylor, who presented an excellent speech at NYU, and wrote a powerful essay about why he’s a man against pornography and prostitution!


10) One of our volunteers presented a successful speech at Eastern Connecticut State University!


11) We had almost 200,000 unique visitors spend time at our website this year, for a cumulative total of more than 500,000 people!

12) We got over 400,000 page views at our website this year, for a cumulative total of over 1.2 million!

13) Most importantly of all, we achieved many *concrete results*, such as: a) inspiring new activists to start speaking out, and b) reducing demand for sexual exploitation — by getting many men to truly understand the devastating harms of pornography and to stop using it.

Below are a just a few examples of our many results that we have achieved this year. NOTE: Quite a few of them come from our video of Jessica Mendes’ speech to ASU:


We find that sharing the stories of ex porn performers is one of the most powerful ways to create meaningful change, which is why we focus on a great deal on this.



“I just want to thank you for changing my life and the wrong perspective I had about porn.” – SF

“Jessica’s story was how I’ve managed to get off porn, and I’m so grateful.” – NT

“Wow… This is really shocking…. I honestly always looked at porn as normal, and that it was normal for every one to watch it. But what is actually behind the lines is really depressing and sick….” – ICE Trey

“This video with Jessica brought me some answers and makes me even more motivated to never watch any porn again (and it’s not easy as I started when I was 14 and I’m already 24.)” – David Barrau

“I usually watch porn and like it, but this video…. made me cry, and made me more human than I used to be. Because porn is something so aggressive… but women are not pieces of meat to eat, they are humans. (Women — I mean ALL OF THEM, including the pornstars).” – Tomás Jesús

“Jessica: Your voice is the cure for the cruel and destructive pornography that polluted my soul. Thank you so much for setting me free from it. :-)” – NLJ

“This was actually very enlightening. I like this video and agree. You guys have inspired me to stop watching the filth known as porn.” – Mark Sullivan

“The impact that your story is having on me, Jessica — and probably many visitors to AntiPornography.org — might seem a small thing, but because of it we learn to see women once again in all their true natural beauty as full humans, and not as slaves anymore.” – NLJ

“Well, I have to admit that I have watched porn for a long time and always told myself that “these people like what they do,” etc. However, that’s over. Videos like this educated me and now I know what is really going on in this “industry”. The abuse and the disrespect for human beings which is implicated in the process of making porn is horrific, and for anybody who has some empathy or ethics there can be only one answer: considering porn as a threat not only for women but for all people involved. So I decided that I will never watch porn again and I will tell all my friends what is happening there.” – Kl2002010

“Jessica: I’ve been addicted to porn since I was an 8th grader. To this day I’ve watched porn on a daily basis. So, for over a decade I’ve been mentally locked by the facade of porn. After I watched you address the students at ASU, I immediately deleted every trace of porn that I had. Listening to you speak nearly brought me to tears, and I’m not the guy to cry over anything. But seeing you change made me realize that I too can change. I’m glad I was able to see someone who was in the business get out, and have a voice. That is incredibly powerful!” – JW

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for validating my feelings about porn. My husband used to be into it and it almost ruined our marriage. I’m so sick of people thinking wives over-react to something that is “normal” for men. Porn is not erotica.Thanks again for educating people about this.” – Janet G.

“I would like you to know that I’ve been making a lot of progress enriching peoples lives with your organization’s message. And like I said before, Jessica Mendes’ story inspired me to undertake this task and it’s proving to be successful… Many people feel a change of heart and believe they’ve made errors in their ways. Her story as well as many others have had profound effects on them. Will keep you posted on more things happening. Peace be with you. Jessica’s message here in South Africa has touched many, and I will continue to do my part.” – Micalyn Moodley

“Well thanks for sharing this video. I’m not going to watch porn any more. I was going to, but after watching this video I changed my mind.” – jovany valencia

“This makes that 3rd month that I have gone without viewing pornography online, or through other means for more than a few accidental clicks. Thanks for the information on the website. Anti-pornography information has been very helpful to me!” – Mealane8

“Jessica Mendes’ videos have truly opened up my mind my eyes, and I’ve now not watched a single porn video in over 8 months, and am planning to stop permanently. Apart from that I’m trying my best to spread around to my porn addict friends about this website. BRAVO TO JESSICA MENDES, as she made an addict like me feel sick about the dark side of porn. Jessica is doing great efforts. I support her and AntiPornography.org all the way.” – 20 year old male

“Your website provided me with such helpful information and completely changed my perspective…. I just wanted to thank you for changing my perspective at a young age and spreading the word, which I find to be INCREDIBLY important.” – Kenton

“Thank you for all of the helpful information. I work with sexually abusive youth and your website has been a great resource.” – Tam

“BRAVO. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS. EVERY ASPECT COVERED. (At AntiPornography.org’s website.) I have faith that as people open and purify their hearts they will see that in hurting others we are ultimately hurting ourselves and all. Great love to all of you working on this. I am confident you are SAVING LIVES.” – 27 year old female

“This was seriously such a fantastic opportunity for my class at ASU and we were SO grateful to have Jessica with us that day. It was amazing to hear her story, experiences, and wisdom. I think my class really learned a lot that day and hopefully they will look at the world differently now. I look forward to continuing my involvement with AntiPornography.org through volunteer work and inspiring others to do the same. This is an important cause and I am so glad to be involved with such a great organization!” – Emma-Li Thompson


Well there you have it! Pretty inspiring stuff, isn’t it? 🙂 We’d like to accomplish a lot more great work like this to prevent and combat the harms of pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking in 2015, (remember: they are all connected!), but like all nonprofits we depend on the kind support and generosity of others to help us with this.

So we hope all of you who care will step up and make a much-needed donation to help us make the world a better and more porn-free world for everyone. Please remember that this is a TEAM EFFORT, and that we are ALL responsible for doing what we can to end the harms of all forms of sexual exploitation.

Many thanks to all who care enough to TAKE ACTION and give what you can. We really appreciate your support! 🙂

DONATE HERE: http://www.antipornography.org/donate.html

Best wishes to all for a great rest of 2014 and a very happy, healthy and productive 2015!! ♥♥♥ 🙂

~~ The Team at AntiPornography.org


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