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Some of you may not be aware that there are some individuals within the pornography industry itself who are speaking up directly about the harms of the pornography, and who are advocating for positive reform. For instance, besides writing her book that exposes the harsh realities of the industry, “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale, Jenna Jameson has openly advocated for raising the age of participation in pornography to twenty-one:

“I have major misgivings about talking to girls who are eighteen or nineteen years old about signing a contract. At eighteen years old it’s hard to make a life choice. I truly believe there should be an age verification at twenty-one years old for this industry.” (Full interview with PR.com here.)

Another performer, Devyn Devine, who is a newcomer and not as well known, (and who is also a sociology student), wrote an article for Adult Industry News, (AINews (dot) com), called Does Porn Dehumanize. In it Devyn writes:

“There is a correlation between mass media and violence. Using my last column as a springboard, if mainstream is doing it, then the porn industry takes it to the next level.”

“Think about it. We see nudity in mainstream movies, but see full-fledged, over exaggerated (Really, honey, do the implants NEED to be that big?) full frontals in porn. We see simulated sex in mainstream, and we see full on, get down and dirty, give it to me baby harder and harder sex in porn. Now we see ads that promote female violence and portray us like we are nothing more then a piece of trash to be walked on. What desensitizes us to things is the recurring image and message over and over again.” (more…)

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