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VIDEO: Ex Porn Star Traci Lords Reveals She Was Raped in Steubenville: ‘It’s Absolutely The Reason I Ended Up In Porn’

Here is another powerful video of ex porn perfomer Traci Lords speaking out against the Steubenville rape case. In it Traci clearly points to her own rape at age 10 as the reason why she entered the porn industry: “But I can tell you this: It completely poisoned me. It was absolutely the reason that I ended up in porn films and on the streets when I was 14 and 15.”

Traci also adds:

“I want her [the recent Steubenville rape victim] to know, and all the Jane Does out there, that there’s somebody out there. “It’s me too. It’s not just you.” And there will be people out there who say terrible things about her. No matter what they say, it doesn’t define you, and it was not your fault.”

Additionally, below is a video of Traci’s second recent appearance on the Piers Morgan CNN show with attorney Gloria Allred. (On 3/18/2013) Tracy really gives one of the rapist’s attorneys a piece of her mind when he starts to try and divert the conversation away from the perpetrators of rape by attempting to shame her for her past!

Also about Traci, here is what she said on the Oprah Show about her being in porn when she was an underaged teenager: (Note: the additional text is from the Oprah show.)


“I had stars in my eyes,” she recalls. “And I thought, ‘Okay…maybe this is a way of having the attention and having everybody like me.”

Traci grew up in an abusive home and was raped at the age of 10 by a neighborhood boy. Battling her “self-loathing,” Traci says turning to the porn industry was her way of getting attention. “It wasn’t about sex… it was about numbing out, finding a place to put that anger. I was very aggressive…it was vengeance…it was about attention.”


These sorts of emotions and this sort of mindset are very common for young women who enter the porn industry. These young women often SAY to their “fans” that they “love sex” and they’re happy doing porn, and that’s why they are there. But the truth is that in most cases they are victims of prior sexual abuse or parental abuse or neglect, and they are seeking love, attention and acceptance — which of course they will never authentically acquire in porn, as they inevitably find out the hard way.

In any case, we thank Traci for her honesty and hope that other young women learn from her experiences and choose to seek authentic love and healthy empowerment in real life, over the false promises of the toxic, unhealthy, lie-filled porn industry.

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Ex-Porn Stars Exposing the Truth About the Harms of the Industry


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