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Check out this great article by a young, sex-loving, anti-censorship feminist speaking out against porn harms!

Of course there are many more things wrong with pornography than what she lists, (feel free to add them in the comments), but she certainly covers some good points!

1. Porn use can cause impotence and arousal issues for men.

2. It’s degrading to women and has gradually become more violent over the years.

3. It’s degrading to men too and to human sexuality in general.

4. It’s not a good way to learn about sex.

FULL DETAILS for all of the above points are in the article. Check them out at the link below! 🙂


And to answer the question posed in the title of the article… NO! We do NOT believe someone can be pro-porn and a feminist. Those two things are contradictory terms, as far as we’re concerned. What do YOU think?


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