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Check out this disturbing ABC News 20/20 video report on the increasing number of students now stripping to pay for college.


It’s disturbing because:

1) It misrepresents, normalizes, promotes and glamorizes stripping (and porn)

2) It doesn’t show the downsides and harsh realities of stripping

3) It doesn’t show that women usually have to grind on men’s laps and erect penises as part of their “job”, and not just dance on stage

4) It demonstrates the “Belle Knox effect” taking place — of other young women hearing about her and then following in her footsteps because of how “Belle” has glamorized the sex industry.

All very tragic and upsetting, don’t you think? Please feel free to leave your comments expressing your thoughts about this unbalanced and misrepresentative report in the comments section at the ABC News article above. Thanks!

ADDITIONAL VIDEO: Below is the Nightline version of the above 20/20 news report, which includes some different and additional information. Slightly more balanced, but still equally disturbing!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Women paying their way through college by stripping may be increasing, but they are still the exception and not the rule. Many women in the sex industry have very low self-esteem, and are seeking approval as much as money. This is often because they are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. These young women often have to assert how great and “empowering” stripping is, to themselves and others, in order to:

1) keep themselves in denial about the truth of what they’re doing and why, so they can continue and survive it and not feel too bad about it

2) so they can make their needed money from the male customers, who desperately want to believe that women really like sexually exploiting themselves for male consumption, and that women are really fine, and not there because of their past abuse or other issues. If they told the truth men wouldn’t want to pay them.

For those interested in learning more about the actual HARSH REALITY about what it’s REALLY like to work in a strip club, feel free to check out our page on stripping at our website below. Thanks!



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