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Here’s a great article which responds well to the all-too-common criticism of anti-porn people being “anti-sex” — by describing the profoundly disturbing but all too real connections of pornography to child sex abuse and sex trafficking.

    ‘In Cambodia, Cacho met a woman who runs a brothel who explained how she ‘reprograms’ girls by ‘normalising sexual exploitation through systematic exposure to pornography. They have to be convinced that they were the ones who chose to do this, and they must be constantly reminded that their lives are worth nothing.’

    Some UN member states estimate between 60-90% of women in the sex trade are trafficked. Thai estimates show 40% of the sex trade is child sex abuse and around 90% of trafficked girls are underage. Indigenous women are also highly overrepresented in areas of the trade. Global inequality has long encouraged sexual exploitation, but only recently has it been broadcast in pornography. How many of these women feature on porn movies watched across the world? Research suggests users do not care.

    Criticism of such issues may be framed as “anti sex”, or against those working in the trade. On the contrary, the western choice rhetoric may legitimise exploitation of the economically vulnerable. Arguments for choice, agency or “feminist porn” create new opportunities to expand sales, rather than ethics. Users draw upon piecemeal evidence to argue the sex industry can actually reduce sexist attitudes and violence. This goes directly against a 2010 meta-analysis, most recent experimental evidence and Nordic state legislation review showing the opposite.

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Have any of you reading this ever been accused of being “anti-sex” because you’re anti-porn? If so, how did you respond, and what was the result? Please feel free to share. Thanks!


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