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GOOD NEWS! UK Prime Minister David Cameron plans to implement compulsory Internet filter prompts to protect children from online pornography

Please read the details below. Hopefully this will encourage other countries to follow the UK’s excellent example of protecting children from the horrific abuses of hardcore Internet pornography!

[Guardian] — David Cameron has announced “radical” plans to help parents protect their children online by prompting them to tailor their computer settings to block internet pornography, violence and other unsuitable websites.

The prime minister, who described such material as “a silent attack on innocence”, said the proposals were intended to safeguard childhood and make sure it was “untainted by the worries and complexities of adulthood”.

Under the plan, people switching on a new computer will be asked whether there are children in the house. If there are, parents will then be prompted to tailor their internet filters. The technology will also show parents how to restrict access to social media sites after a time of their choosing, to narrow the number of sites that younger children can visit, and to block access to certain sites altogether.

As backup, said the prime minister, the filters against the most obvious threats – such as pornography and self-harm sites – would remain on if parents repeatedly clicked OK to get through the filter set-up quickly. Providers would also have to verify the age of the person setting the controls so that children could not set up the filters.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Cameron said the government had opted for the system because the evidence suggested that having “default on” filters as standard on all new computers was a waste of time.

The blanket-filter system, he said, was so restrictive that parents had found they were unable to access such services as on-demand TV and had simply turned the filters off because they were too annoying.

“The point is we need a more sophisticated system than this – one that allows parents to tailor exactly what their children can see,” said Cameron. “This is what child safety experts recommend.”

He added: “With our new system, every parent will be prompted to protect their child online. If they don’t make choices, protection will be automatically on. No other government has taken such radical steps before. And once all this is in place, Britain will have the most robust internet child protection measures of any country in the world – bar none.”

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With this vast collection of information, we decided to tackle the topic through personal storytelling. At first glance, it may seem difficult to understand why we put a former porn star, a plastic surgery patient and a 12-year-old girl, in the same film. But this was no accident. We found that the adult entertainment world, represented in our film by Nakita, is trickling into the mainstream world and affecting both Laura’s and Winnifred’s lives – but in profoundly different ways. Nakita becomes an ironic role model of sorts. Laura is an embracer of mainstream culture. And Winnifred is our eyes and ears, constantly questioning the status quo. Please visit our character page to meet them.”

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RussellsParadox, a visitor to our AntiPornographyBlog YouTube channel, asked the above question. The space to reply at YouTube was limited, so we are posting the full response here. The simple version of it is as follows:

1) If you are referring to the United States, regardless of what anyone think, most pornography is actually technically already illegal. It just isn’t prosecuted.

2) We believe that there are legal measures that can and should be put into place that can significantly reduce the harm done to individuals during the production of pornography. (And as a result of what happened during that production.) These measures can also reduce the harm done to women, children, and society in general from the existence of, consumption of, and influence of violent, degrading, and sexist pornography. Such measures would include: restricting access of Internet pornography and other types of pornography to those who are 18 and over, raising the age of participation in pornography to 21 years old, and improving the health and safety standards of pornography production in a variety of ways, including implementing mandatory condom use.

So that’s the short answer. For a longer and more detailed response with references included, please continue reading. (But be forewarned: there is very graphic, disturbing, and likely triggering content ahead!) (more…)

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