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Pornography problems at work harm companies, coworkers | Deseret News

Read about the very serious harms of pornography use at work! Via Compulsion Solutions (@porndoc & @craigperra) ~ Scary but illuminating, and very important to be aware of!

[Deseret News] [Excerpt] Often companies don’t know, especially if the work environment promotes closed office doors and little colleague interaction, or if it’s a male-dominated office. Because while pornography can snag women, “this problem among men is considerable and growing,” said Quentin Schultze, a professor of communication arts and sciences at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., and author of “Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age.” “It seems that society really doesn’t want to address it.”

Yet companies and even the US government are being forced to address it, first because of the security concerns it presents.

In 2010, the Boston Globe broke the story that senior staff at the Pentagon were using work computers to view child pornography. In April, a dozen Secret Service agents were accused of hiring prostitutes while in Colombia preparing for President Barack Obama, who was to attend an economic summit there. Investigation into the Colombia event brought up prior federal employee misdeeds, including allegations of leaked sensitive information, sexual assault and published pornography.

More recently, Pentagon Missile Defense Agency executive director John James Jr. had to remind employees and contractors not to look at X-rated sites at work.

“These actions are not only unprofessional, they reflect time taken away from designated duties, are in clear violation of federal and DoD and regulations, consume network resources, and can compromise the security of the network though the introduction of malware or malicious code,” James wrote in the July memo obtained by Bloomberg.

Adult sites are often loaded with malware and viruses and can open up businesses to costly bugs or hackers. But when government agents with security clearances view pornography on unsecure sites, the stakes are exponentially higher, with a potential for national security breaches.

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No more pornography at Yakima Valley Libraries

Good news! Concerned parents demanded no more #porn access in their local libraries, and filters got installed! 🙂 Read about their success below and then check out the link below that to learn more, including how you can help with this effort. Thanks!

YAKIMA, Wash.– Its been an ongoing issue for many Yakima Valley Libraries, people going in to use the public computers, only to look at pornography.

It’s something that has both patrons and parents concerned, but a new change could help solve the problem.

Up until Wednesday, people who went in to use the computers at any Yakima Valley Library were able to visit pornographic website’s.

The library’s policy had been in place since the 90’s and gave people the option of using filters or not, but after an incident involving a man last month library Director, Kim Hixson says parents came forward demanding a change.

“Parents were concerned that their children might be exposed to inadvertent viewing or adult content, so they wrote to the trustee’s,” said Hixson.

The library will now use a program to help filter out inappropriate websites for all users.

Hixson says a recent U.S. District Court ruling gave them the ability to be more restrictive, but she does say that although they can keep a watchful eye out on what is viewed, they can’t control what people do when they’re inside the library.



For more info on this topic and to learn how you can accomplish this same success in your own community, please visit the Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project:



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‘Fifty Shades’ of Real Life: Former Porn Star Sasha Grey Writing Erotica Novel (Poll)

Wondering what ex #pornstar Sasha Grey has been up to? Instead of ACTING in #porn, she’s been WRITING it. Much safer, to be sure! ~ In any case, as she did with porn, she saw what was popular and decided to ride the wave. At least she won’t get sexually transmitted diseases this way, which is good. Too bad Sasha isn’t exactly helping society by glamorizing the combination of sex and violence that is portrayed in her novel. We can only hope that someday she will fight against sexualized violence like we do, instead of making a living off the promotion of it…

[Booksnreview] [Excerpt] With copies of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” still flying off shelves around the world at an alarming rate, the time has never been better for authors to hop on the erotica pain-train. Hell, there have been countless imitators written and released in the course of writing this sentence. Though, it’s likely few erotica writers have the kind of real-world experience of adult film actress turned non-adult film actress Sasha Grey.

While the torrential flood of female-driven erotica continues to flow from the gusher that is “Fifty Shades of Grey,” sounds like Grey’s debut work of fiction might have a leg up on her competitors. For all the writing criticism she’s received, James has revealed in recent interviews that her stories of ben-wa balls and visits to the “red room of pain” are the product of fantasy, not based on anything tangible in her own life — a fact that her husband has recently hilariously corroborated.

So, with that in mind, Grey’s certainly carving out a more unique niche in the world of erotica. She certainly knows the terrain she’s writing about. Her first novel, “The Juliette Society,” is being described as a highly-sexualized, female-dominated “Fight Club” with an assertive female protagonist, according to a report that first appeared in Deadline.

“For the very first time I can create my own world, my own characters, my own story, and express my own vision with publishers who are just as passionate about the subject matter as I am,” Grey said in a statement. “I’m not interested in trying to reinvent the erotic novel, but I look forward to taking it back to its source as a salacious treatment of sex, particularly female sexuality, as something mysterious and sensual. Me sensual? Go figure!”

Grey is one of the most recognized names in the adult entertainment industry even though it has been four years since she stopped that kind of acting. She began her career in adult films six years ago, starring in videos like “Fashionistas Safado” and “Neighbor Affair 6,” and has since been interviewed on “The Insider” and “The Tyra Banks Show” and profiled by Rolling Stone.

In 2011, CNBC named her one of the most popular stars in porn. She’s since starred in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” and played Vinnie Chase’s porn-star girlfriend in a season of HBO’s “Entourage.” Reviewing the movie, New York Times film critic described her career as “distinguished both by the extremity of what she is willing to do and an unusual degree of intellectual seriousness about doing it.”

Grey seems to be the latest in a string of porn actresses who have suddenly discovered their literary aspirations. And we’re guessing James can pat herself on the back for that one.

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P.S. Sorry about the duplicate posts! It’s a technical issue that’s being worked on and will hopefully be fixed soon.

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City targets prostitution with letter writing campaign

Here’s a great post by Prostitution Research & Education, showing how concerned citizens can make a difference in fighting the demand for sexually exploited individuals in their community. Go team! 🙂

“Locals in Oakland, along with the support of the Police Department, are taking a stand against prostitution. Locals write down the license plate numbers of possible soliciting Johns and submit them to law enforcement who will write a letter to the car’s registered owner to notify him that he is being watched and that soliciting prostitution is unacceptable. This community is rightly targeting the johns while understanding the prostituted women as victims.”





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Why the new ‘porn norm’ is hurting women

Check out this excellent article on how “The new porn norm is hurting women.”

“In defending their industry, many accuse the ‘‘anti-porn brigade’’ of focusing only on particularly violent examples of pornography. A recent study published in the journal Violence Against Women, however, has analysed the best-selling porn videos to see just how widespread and routine the degradation of women in pornography has become.

The research found that physical aggression was present in 88 per cent of scenes. Of these, there was an average of 12 aggressive acts per scene. In addition, name-calling occurred in about half of all scenes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the perpetrators of violent acts were most commonly men, while the targets of their violence were nearly always women. In almost every case, women were shown reacting to aggressive acts with pleasure or neutrality, enforcing the idea that women enjoy being dominated or degraded during sex.”

Sadly so true! Thanks for sharing, Anti- violence and Pornography ! Your page is great and all anti-porn people should check it out and like it! 🙂

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/why-the-new-porn-norm-is-hurting-women-20110302-1be54.html#ixzz27V4osXZL





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The Geek-Kings of Smut

Hello Anti-Porn Friends! Are you ready for a comprehensive, illuminating, and disturbing education about the online porn business? If so, this article is for you! It’s from last year, but it is still current. This article will tell you all about how the “tube” porn sites started, and how one company (Manwin), which was started by one German man who is a self-described “geek” (Fabian Thylmann), has come to dominate the online porn industry. It also explains how (unfortunately) the current online “business model” for pornography has massively expanded online porn consumption:

““It’s a huge misconception that the industry is doing badly,” Feras Antoon tells me over rib eye and lobster tail at Delmonico, the Emeril Lagasse steakhouse at the Venetian in Las Vegas. “It’s moved on. It’s as simple as that.” And he insists that the tubes haven’t cannibalized paid content: People who consume only free porn, he argues, are people who, in the past, would not have consumed any. The people who paid for porn then will still pay for it now. Plus the tube sites have so vastly enlarged the total universe of porn consumers that the number of those who pay has ballooned along with it. Ten years ago, total daily adult-site traffic averaged less than 1 million unique visitors—on the entire Internet; today Manwin’s tube sites alone get 42 million daily uniques. “I personally have one or two memberships,” Antoon says jovially, “and I still go to the tubes. I get my appetizer on the tubes, my main course on one of the sites.””

How sad… In any case, if one is going to take a stand against something such as pornography, it’s important to understand how it is produced and distributed. So prepare yourself to learn some unpleasant facts you likely won’t be happy to know, (and to see some graphic images you won’t want to see…), and then start reading! And of course please like and share this post and comment with your thoughts when done reading the article. Thanks!






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Grandmother, 67, raped and strangled by porn-obsessed neighbour, 26, after he watched online films

Here’s more compelling evidence that violent pornography use fuels violence against women and brutal sex crimes. (WARNING: Very graphic and disturbing!)

— Grandmother, 67, raped and strangled by porn-obsessed neighbour, 26, after he watched online films of women being attacked
— Naked body of grandmother found wedged between bed and wall
— Jackson, jailed for life, not to be considered for parole for 28 years

[Daily Mail – UK] — Irene Lawless, 67, was put through an ‘horrific’ ordeal by evil loner Darren Jackson who spent his days watching internet porn.

Police found Jackson, 26, had been searching internet websites for ‘mature women’, and ‘women raped while asleep’, the court heard today.

One film Jackson watched involved a mature woman being raped by a burglar.

Jackson broke into Mrs Lawless’s bungalow in the early hours of the morning and attacked her while she slept.

He raped her twice then strangled her, leaving her naked body wedged between the bed and a wall.

Jackson was today jailed for life with a recommendation he is not considered for parole for 28 years.

Prosecutor Elwen Evans said: ‘Jackson had spent the previous night in a nearby town in local pubs.

‘He was picked up by his stepfather at 4.30am and brought back to the house where he was living next door to Mrs Lawless.

‘Sometime after 5am Jackson broke into Irene’s home by climbing through an open window.

‘He made his way into the front bedroom where Irene was sleeping. Her dentures were in solution beside her bed.

‘In her bedroom he seriously physically and sexually assaulted her.’

Swansea Crown court heard the peaceful, thoughtful artist suffered 20 fractures to her ribs during the double rape attack in the quiet village of Llanllwni, near Llandovery, Carmarthenshire.

Miss Evans said: ‘Jackson then killed her by manual strangulation and left her naked body on her bedroom floor.’

After emptying the handbag he dumped it in a neighbour’s plant pot and drove Mrs Lawless’s black Audi A3 to Deal, kent where he has friends.

The court was shown CCTV of Jackson ‘calmly’ buying petrol just 20 minutes away from the brutal attack on 22 January 2012.

He was arrested just 5 hours and 50 minutes after neighbours discovered the grandmother’s body.

The court heard Jackson had a scratch below his right eye from where Mrs Lawless had put up a ‘significant struggle’.

Miss Evans said: ‘During that period he had been using a computer in his parent’ house.

‘Police looked at his internet searches and discovered a keen interest in websites dealing with rape, mature women, forceful oral sex and sex with sleeping women.’

Retired shorthand typist Mrs Lawless lived alone on the Bryndulais Estate in the village of Llanllwni, Carmarthenshire.

She painted local scenes and made soaps and candles which she sold at galleries and craft markets.

Miss Evans said: ‘She was a highly regarded, mother, sister, grandmother and friend to may people in the local community.

‘Painting and gardening and a wide variety of craft hobbies were Irene’s favourite pastimes.

‘She was a healthy living, peaceful, calm and thoughtful woman and was always hard-working and industrious. She was a real home body.’

Jackson, of Llanllwni, admitted murder and two charges of rape.

The court heard his only previous convictions were for minor motoring offences.

Judge John Royce QC said: ‘Irene Lawless was a much-loved mother, sister and grandmother.’

‘She was one of life’s givers, not takers and had everything to live for.’

Turning to Jackson he said: ‘It’s clear from the computer that you had a perverted interest in rape.

‘You had recently accessed a number of rape scene websites including one called real brutal sex.

‘What is clear is that you brutally raped Irene Lawless and caused significant injuries to her face and body.

‘They reveal the heartless violence you meted out to a defenceless grandmother for your own perverted gratification.

‘It is clear she must have put up a significant struggle.

‘These sickening rapes culminated in you strangling Mrs Lawless. The humiliation and mental and physical anguish you subjected her to are horrific.

‘They are nothing short of evil depravity.’

Jackson was jailed for life for murder and 12 years for each of the rape attacks to run concurrently.

He ordered that Jackson must not be considered for parole for 28 years.

The judge added: ‘Due to your warped and perverted mind, you may certainly well never be released and spend your remaining life in prison.’

‘Many will say that is no less than you deserve.’



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