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PLEASE WATCH our powerful new video of our volunteer, ex “porn star” Jessica, telling her shocking story of doing porn. She also exposes other porn industry abuses, such as rampant drug use, illegal exposure to STDs, and much more. NOTE: This is a speech to a college class that Jessica did last month.

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WATCH A PLAYLIST OF JESSICA’S VIDEOS: (starting with the video above)


WATCH VIDEOS of Jessica with another of our volunteers, ex porn performer Vanessa Belmond. (AKA “Alexa Cruz”):

— 2 Ex Porn Stars’ Message to Women Considering Doing Porn: Jessie Rogers & Vanessa Belmond Expose All


— Two EX PORN STARS Say Working In Porn Is A DEAD END TRIP to Nowhere. Jessie Rogers & Vanessa Belmond


FULL TEXT of the speech in the video in this post:


Info on the MURDER of BDSM porn model “Taylor Summers”:

“Photographer admits he killed porn model over payment. He stabbed Natel King during a fight in his studio after a photo shoot.”


Our page on how pornography fuels sex crimes:


ARTICLE: Mr. Marcus Sent To Jail For Exposing Co-Porn Stars To Syphilis
(Jessica mentions this in the video)


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PLEASE WATCH this powerful and sad video about a 17 year old girl who died on her first night working at a strip club. So heartbreaking! It also shows the connections of porn and drugs to strip clubs, and how prevalent underage work in the sex industry is. Tragic! Hopefully a few strip club johns who see this will reconsider supporting such a corrupt and exploitative industry, and hopefully the perpetrators who caused the girl’s death, and who exploit women and girls, will be brought to justice.

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Please support the cause by following us here at this blog, liking us at Facebook, subscribing to our YouTube channels, and following our Twitter accounts. Thanks! ~~
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YOUTUBE CHANNELS: AntiPornographyBlog ~~ AntiPornographyOrg ~~ SayNOtoProstitution ~~ ENDSexTrafficDEMAND ~~ PornAddictionHelp ~~ SayNOtoSadomasochism ~~
TWITTER ACCOUNTS: @AntiPornography ~~ @ENDSexTraffic ~~ @ENDProstitution ~~ @NoSadomasochism ~~ @PornAddictHelp1 ~~ @HealthySexNLove ~~
Post created by AntiPornography.org Nonprofit Organization ~ Preventing and combating the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery, while supporting safe, healthy, equality-based sex, love, and relationships ~

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: A new nonprofit organization fighting against the harms of pornography has just been formed!


This organization was formed by 1) myself, (Anti-Pornography Activist), 2) Diana E. H. Russell, PhD (see DianaRussell.com), and 3) A long-time activist against sex trafficking of women and girls. Please check out our work and our many educational resources at our new website: AntiPornography.org

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Jenna Jameson’s 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star

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Watch “Who Wants to Be a Porn Star? Sex and Violence in Today’s Pornography Industry”


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For more information about the documented harms of pornography, especially peer reviewed journal articles and studies, please visit the extremely informative new website Pornography Harms at PornHarms.com.

“Dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news and opinion.”



June 12-13, 2010 – Wheelock College, Boston MA

The Future of Pornography

From StopPornCulture.org:

“This conference will bring together activists, researchers, survivors, parents, and other concerned community members to continue developing our anti-pornography analysis and building our resistance movement. Come and join us for two days of keynotes, workshops, and discussion.”

Registration cost is $50/supporter, $25/low-income. To register, click here.

Featuring: Lierre Keith, Gail Dines, Jennifer Johnson, Sharon Cooper, M.D., Dr. Carolyn West, Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST, Rebecca Whisnant, Jane Caputi, Chyng Sun, Ann Scales, Diane Rosenfeld, Clare McGlynn, Donna Hughes, Samantha Berg, (Genderberg) and Jill (One Angry Girl), Matthew Ezzell, Cameron Murphey, Robert Jensen, Linda Thompson, Natalie Nenadic, Donna Hughes (Dignity), Denise McGoldrick, Gretchen Krull

Full info and links here:
2007 Stop Porn Culture Conference Opening Remarks by Gail Dines:

For the other videos from the same conference please click here.


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The AMAZING and very eye-opening Stop Porn Culture video slideshow Who Wants to Be a Porn Star? is now once again available on the Internet! It exposes the true harsh reality of the porn industry and analyzes it with many profound and disturbing insights. To watch it right now click HERE.

Also please check out their other slideshow: “It’s Easy Out Here For A Pimp: How a Porn Culture Grooms Kids for Sexual Exploitation.” Available for download soon from Stop Porn Culture website.

If you’d like to be get future SPC updates emailed to you, please request that from SPC by emailing them HERE.


The “Who Wants to Be a Porn Star?” slideshow is SPC’s first line of offense in the battle to reclaim this culture from the misogyny, racism and brute power of the pornographers. Please join SPC in the struggle for a violence-free world.


NOTE: Please contact SPC HERE for information about buying a copy of the slide show if you can’t attend a training.

Check the SPC MySpace site for the full update, more info on SPC, and previous conference videos. Also please visit the main SPC web site and events page for other events, activities, the anti-porn slideshow, helpful resources and more.


A must-see, GROUND-BREAKING new documentary on pornography has just been released to help educate the public about the harms of pornography. Please visit the website for “The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships.” Many video clips are available there, including one of Noam Chomsky discussing the issue of “choice” in regards to performers participating in the porn industry. Or, you can see the whole film HERE right now at Media Education Foundation.


AntiPornographyBlog YouTube videos: (With commentary by APB)

Pt 1 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show (Posted for discussion.)

Pt 2 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show (AVN Winner 08.) Posted for discussion.

Pts. 3&4 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra (In Sync)/Pt. 3/3 Teen Prostitute onTyra. For discussion.

Pt. 1/3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra Banks Show (Posted for discussion.)

Pt. 2/3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra Banks Show (Dr. Drew Pinsky advises Victoria & mother.) Please discuss.

(Pts. 3&4 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra (In Sync))/Pt. 3/3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra. For discussion.

The active discussion about these videos is at YouTube, so please feel free to visit my channel and each video there. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel there at YouTube, as I will be uploading more videos in the next few months.


P.S. Please note that more posts will be posted at this blog in the future, so feel free to subscribe to RSS feeds, etc. In the meantime please don’t forget to visit AntiPornography.org. There are already many resources, documentaries and videos there to educate anyone interested in learning about the harms of pornography.


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Please click on the triangle “play” icon in the middle of the picture below to hear why Jersey recently quit porn, how harmful to one’s health the porn industry can be, and how dehumanizing and degrading the industry is.

Part 2:

As you can hear in the interview, another former porn star, Shelley Lubben, is kindly working very hard to help Jersey. Below is an excerpt of what Shelley writes about Jersey on her website. Following that is an excerpt of their interview.


“I met Jersey Jaxin about two months ago through Myspace and she allowed me to come and spend time with her and listen to her story. She spoke about many things from her sexual abuse from her father to the abuse she went through in the porn.

Much of her life can be summed up in one word: ABUSE.

She made me cry during our meeting quite a bit but especially when I asked her what she did in her off time when she wasn’t doing porn and she replied, “I hold my roommate and we just cry”.

(Please click on “Continue Reading” for the rest.)

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RussellsParadox, a visitor to our AntiPornographyBlog YouTube channel, asked the above question. The space to reply at YouTube was limited, so we are posting the full response here. The simple version of it is as follows:

1) If you are referring to the United States, regardless of what anyone think, most pornography is actually technically already illegal. It just isn’t prosecuted.

2) We believe that there are legal measures that can and should be put into place that can significantly reduce the harm done to individuals during the production of pornography. (And as a result of what happened during that production.) These measures can also reduce the harm done to women, children, and society in general from the existence of, consumption of, and influence of violent, degrading, and sexist pornography. Such measures would include: restricting access of Internet pornography and other types of pornography to those who are 18 and over, raising the age of participation in pornography to 21 years old, and improving the health and safety standards of pornography production in a variety of ways, including implementing mandatory condom use.

So that’s the short answer. For a longer and more detailed response with references included, please continue reading. (But be forewarned: there is very graphic, disturbing, and likely triggering content ahead!) (more…)

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INTRODUCTION: Jenna Jameson, the world’s most famous and successful “porn star”, is one of the best anti-pornography spokespeople there are. (Whether that is her intention sometimes or not. Hopefully it is.) Just read below to see why. Thank you, Jenna. You say it all so well! :^) (But very graphically, so proceed accordingly please.)

From a CNN interview August 27, 2004

ANDERSON COOPER: And if your daughter one day said to you, if you had a daughter, if she came to you and said that she wanted to get into that industry?

JAMESON: I’d tie her in the closet. Only because this is such a hard industry for a woman to get ahead and get the respect that she deserves. I fought tooth and nail to get to where I am, and it’s not something that I would want my daughter to go through. It’s not something that any parent would choose for their child.

COOPER: So you would advise young women not to get involved in the industry?

JAMESON: Not unless they had their head on completely straight and they knew that this is what they wanted to do. For my child, hey, I want them to go to college and be a doctor.


“ The job of a porn star is not a calling – or even an option – for most women.” Jenna Jameson (pg. 325.)

All quotes in this compilation (except for the CNN one at top) are taken from the autobiography “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale, by Jenna Jameson (with Neil Strauss), Hardcover edition. Copyright 2004. (Highly recommended for anti-pornography activists! :^) It is indeed a very cautionary tale.)

In the introduction to the book Jenna says: “For two decades I looked men in the eye and denied everything. And then for years, in private, I wrestled with myself. The truth won. The following, then, is a true story.” (A story that includes having been raped three times as a teenager: 1. By her date when she was fifteen and lost her virginity, (pgs. 284-286), 2. By her abusive boyfriend’s uncle, (pgs. 16-17), and 3 .By a group of high school boys, who severely beat her and then left her for dead. (Pg. 391-394.))

Jenna Jameson’s Twenty-Five Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star:

1. Being a pornography performer can be bad for your emotional, mental, and physical health, and you will likely get sick at times as a result of your work.

“And so it began. I woke up at five every morning and got to the studio by seven for makeup. If I weren’t so young, my face would have looked like hell after all the sleep deprivation…. Suze, I soon realized is also a shark. Her specialty is naïve young girls – much like myself… Once she sank her teeth into me, she didn’t let go. She shot me until I was half dead.” (Pg. 105)

“For the girls who get penetrated in every hole in their first film, it’s physical and mental overload.” (Pg. 146.)

“Though every performer is required to have comprehensive monthly testing for sexually transmitted diseases, STDs are still a valid concern…. You never know what kind of lifestyle people are leading off the set.” (Pg. 326-328.)

“And before you even get into it, realize that it’s not that easy to have sex with strangers in front of other people. When you’re having sex, you’re at your most vulnerable. Only a handful of women look good fucking: everyone has a little cheese here and there. At the very least, most girls have to battle eating disorders at some point from seeing themselves jiggling naked on camera so much. And, speaking of exposure, every time you’re on set you’re swapping fluids with someone, so your body is constantly fighting colds and flus. You get sick. You get run down.” (Pg. 329)

“A week into shooting, I did a scene with Kylie Ireland, Felicia, and Vince Voyeur. That night, when I returned from work, I had a sore throat…. By the end of the movie, my throat was so swollen it hurt to swallow and I was so weak I could barely hold a conversation. When I returned home, I looked in the mirror and there were huge white lumps all over my throat…The doctor who finally saw me was a hack. “Okay, you have strep throat.’”.(Pgs. 360-361)

“…he said a woman in the industry had contracted HIV… Before this announcement, no one in the industry to any of our knowledge had contracted the HIV virus before. And condoms were rarely used in films that that time. We canceled shooting that day because no one could work. The next day, Steve told us that it had been a false positive. Everyone was relieved, but at the same time, we had all changed: we were now aware that something like this could happen.” (Pg. 377)

“Joy had booked interviews and photo ops for me every ten minutes. And I was excited to do all that work. I was willing to do anything to be someone who everyone loved. Looking back on it, it was just a new type of insecurity replacing the old one, and I was giving myself away to the needs and expectations of the public instead of the needs and expectations of the men in my life. It was just a new form of dependence developing. And it was equally detrimental to any sort of emotional stability.” (Pg. 401)

“I had become the main attraction in this whole circus, and it was taking a much bigger toll on my life than I realized.” (Pg. 415)

“Travel is a major staple of my life. It seems it’s all I do. I’m not sure the effect it’s having on me. I guess I haven’t taken the time to reflect. Obviously that’s one of the major problems. Reflection. I close myself off. Not wanting to let what’s in the mirror of my life stare back at me. I never take the time to feel the effects of my choices. Maybe it’s because I would be ashamed, maybe afraid. I realize I have avoided my pain for as long as I can remember. It’s what I’ve been taught. Be strong little one…Things can only get better. As life goes racing by me, all the while my soul goes on with sickness. Yes, sickness. It feels like it’s ailing. Because the one that should be nursing it is too busy trying to succeed and be accepted. I’m certainly scared that if I try to fix what has broken in me, so long ago, I may not succeed. So I go on faking that I am whole, proud, and strong… I almost laughed aloud when I turned my head down to wipe my tears on my shirt and saw the pen I was pouring my pain through. It’s a Radisson Hotel pen. Point taken.” (Pg. 418)

“Sometimes everything seems so surreal. Nikki used to call me her ‘Gypsy.’ I always laughed when she said that, because I know it’s not only from all my travels. My heart is a gypsy – continuously searching for a home, fighting within itself, wondering whether it is weak or even right for that matter to be searching in the first place. Loneliness is what it feels like. I don’t really know what the urgency is I feel: Loneliness or complete heartbreak? But I fight it, saying it can’t be broken. I still have hope that I will find peace within myself, and that must be what it’s about. – Confusion. – ” (Pg. 419)

“There are times when I wish the industry had a union, because the shooting schedules are inhumane. It generally takes a good three weeks to shoot even the crappiest independent film; we do it in one to six days.” (Pg. 454)

“By 2 A.M. on day three, I was exhausted. I had been in every scene, and still had two sex scenes left to film, which meant at least five hours of work to go.” (Pg. 453)


Please click on “Continue Reading” below to read the other twenty-four good reasons Jenna Jameson has written regarding why no one would ever want to become a porn star. :^) (Long and definitely not light reading – but truly fascinating and extremely informative!)


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