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Porn exposure can be VERY harmful to children, as this tragic story of a teen boy almost driven to SUICIDE shows.

~ Lei Chung, 16, from China, had to share a bedroom with his parents

~ Says his father would watch pornographic films every night

~ Even if he covered his eyes, he could still hear the sound from the TV

~ The images have haunted him ever since and he tried to commit suicide

~ Has now been diagnosed a ‘new’ form of post-traumatic stress disorder

~ Chinese doctors have termed it ‘PORN TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER’


Wow. We feel very badly for this young man, and for all of the many children and others globally who also suffer from ‘porn traumatic stress disorder.’

We can say from personal experience that this condition is very real, and can affect adults as well, especially women, as a result of being exposed to the extreme violence, cruelty and misogyny in pornography.

We urge parents to do everything they can to keep pornography away from their children, and we urge all women and everyone else to also avoid pornography as much as possible, and to speak out against it instead.




On our Facebook post about this issue, Cynthia Shaver wrote: “As a professional counselor, I can attest to this. I currently have two teenage female clients who show these symptoms.” (11/10/14)

~ So, has anyone else ever experienced PORN-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or know anyone who has? Please speak up if you have. Thanks!

~ For parents wanting to learn more about pornography’s harms to children, and how to protect them, we recommend checking out and supporting Enough Is Enough and Pornproof Kids




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