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Check out this very powerful and informative article on the harms of pornography and the issue of CHOICE, by an awesome pro-feminist young man, Kourtney Mitchell.

There are now multiple generations of men socialized on gross-level violence against women, brought to their computers, phones and game consoles via the internet. Porn stars visit colleges and universities for “sex week”; sports events increase revenues for sex traffickers; sexual sadism is deemed chic, and men claim oppression when anyone challenges their right to watch films in which men use their penises to choke and mutilate women.

If we were to claim that it is okay for a man to sexually accost a boy simply because that is what gets him off, we would be labeled as the sexually perverted predators we are. But when we claim that it is also not okay to treat half the human population in the same manner, we are dismissed outright.

We grow up conditioned to make certain choices – the choice to objectify, denigrate and treat women as sub-human. Even when our parents try their best to protect us from such content, the culture makes sure we continue to have access to it. Our whole way of being and living and behaving in this world is directly informed by dominance of women.

But when we know better, we should do better. The harms of pornography affect all of us. It is time we start making better choices. Our choices are the first steps toward reclaiming our humanity, and shedding the skin of collective perpetration in this world.

I do not want to live in a world where women are tortured on camera for profit. Do you? When you look into it, most of you will probably find that you don’t. Imagine this: what if that was your mother, sister, or daughter getting choked and crying and being called names? Most men would not get off on that.

I am one out of a growing number of men who are attempting to change the way we think of ourselves. Start by looking past the pleasure you receive from seeing another human being tortured on camera for profit. Consider the images outside of your sexual gratification, and instead consider them on the basis of how human beings should be treated.




For more powerful writing by Kourtney, including an essay on the importance of educating men about pro-feminism and anti-violence principles, check out his articles here:




Want to get involved in anti-porn pro-feminist activism? Check out this info below from Stop Porn Culture and Kourtney Mitchell: (via SPC’s post of Kourtney’s article)


“If you are a feminist ally and would like to join the SPC Men’s Team or want to contribute to the Resources page “…For Men by Men”, please send in your article or write to mediateam [at] stoppornculture [dot] org. ”


“Thank you so much for this opportunity! Looking forward to working with SPC. For all anti-porn and pro-feminist men, please contact us to contribute to this project.”


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