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Here’s a powerful testimonial from a young woman who was just one of many teen victims of pornographic extortion — by a very sick man who ruined many girls’ lives.

    Chansler told detectives he targeted children because adult women were “too smart” to fall for his scheme. Investigators found thousands of videos and photos on his computers, including recordings of girls crying and pleading with him to stop and one girl holding a handwritten sign with a single word: “rape.” […]

    For victims, she said, “it’s psychologically damaging. It’s not fair. People think victims of child pornography are not touched. It’s not like rape. It’s just overlooked. … They don’t realize what we’re doing when we have to send those pictures. We’re doing it ourselves. We’re forced to. … We could not say no.”

    Reynolds said the people who look at the pictures “are dads and brothers and sons.” She wants to tell them, “This could be your sister.”

    They are creating the demand, the marketplace that is being catered to by the child pornography producers and extortionists.

    “You’re contributing to it. You can’t be a law-abiding citizen if you’re contributing to extortion,” Reynolds said. “People send out those pictures and make them public because of people who view them.”




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