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Gail Dines of Stop Porn Culture and Donny Pauling, ex-porn producer, explain the harsh reality of the life of “porn stars”, and how they are manipulated and abused in the industry. Very disturbing, but very informative!

Former playboy film producer, Donny Pauling, recently described his experience recruiting young women into the porn industry. At age 18, the targeted girls are typically in college, making $200 a week at a local coffee shop. Pauling would approach each one, tell her how beautiful she is, and would then invite her in for an interview.

The moment the young woman entered his office, he would begin seducing her into film making by manipulating her. He would let her talk for 30 minutes about herself, all-the-while Pauling was looking for ways to coerce her into making a film. He would argue that the money is great and the films were not that bad.

At the beginning, Pauling said, each girl was bright-eyed, happy, and excited about the money. The first day on the set, she would be asked to do soft core pornography. The young woman would leave thinking that it wasn’t so bad and the money was really good.

Within a few days, Pauling would call the girl and tell her how much money she would make in the next film, without giving any details. With the thought of the money alone, most young women are hooked into the concept and return for a second film.

Over time, Pauling would direct the young woman to do more and more aggressive, violent, or deviant acts. He and other producers push women as far as they can go—and then push even further, even to the point of causing injuries. All the while, they would refer to the legal contract the young woman had signed (and of course, she would not have an attorney assist in making certain the contract protected her.)

Pauling said that progression into darker and darker films would cause the light to go out in a young woman’s eyes; the girls are shocked and ashamed by what they have done. Eventually, most of them resort to drugs and alcohol abuse to escape reality and depression.

After time passes, young women leave or are kicked out of the porn industry with nothing to show—except a sexually transmitted disease, emotional and sometimes physical scarring.



ARTICLE: http://pornharms.com/porn-stars-behind-the-screens/

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/_dlX5-EtFVU


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