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The creators of the ‘Sexy Baby’ documentary on porn’s harms to teens have now premiered the ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ documentary’ — about the exploitative world of teen amateur porn:

    “The disturbing world of amateur pornography has been laid bare by a new documentary called ‘Hot Girls Wanted,’ which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday.

    The insightful look at the world of pornography shows just how easy it is for teenagers, in particular, to get caught up in a sex trade that promises big bucks and fame.

    But in a revealing peek into the billion dollar industry, documentary filmmakers exposed how professionally produced films are being made to look like home movies. …

    It showed how Craigslist ads which promised free flights to Miami bring in a constant stream of would-be porn stars.
    During the film, Riley, a 23-year-old ‘agent’ hosts half a dozen young women eager to enter the industry at his Miami home.

    He says casually: ‘Every day, another girl turns 18.’

    But the brutal world of pornography only gives girls aged 18- to 21 a career span that typically lasts just three months, due to high turnover.

    Tressa, an 18-year-old girl featured in the film, admits she was attracted to porn as a way to escape her Texas hometown.”


Ouch. That’s a sad state of affairs. 😦

And by the way, if porn is so great and “empowering,” why is the career-span of these young women only three months?? Very telling…

“Sexy Baby” was a very good documentary and we’re looking forward to seeing and sharing this new effort by these excellent filmmakers who are doing such a great job exposing the harms of pornography. Go anti-porn team! 🙂

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~ Here’s an excellent article on the “Hot Girls Wanted” film and another important documentary that just debuted at Sundance about epidemic rape on college campuses:

    “We did actually start this film by going to college campuses and talking to frat boys, to get some background research, and on our sort of checklist of things we wanted to film was this amateur porn world, because all these boys are watching this porn… and it is no mistake that their behavior is aggressive, and that there are all these rapes on college campuses, because this is where it’s starting. This is what they’re watching.”

Exactly! Thanks to the filmmakers for telling it like it is and helping to educate the masses!



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