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Here’s a powerful, heartbreaking, but inspirational story of ex porn performer “Sunset Thomas” (@SunsetThomas) — who was in the porn industry for decades, (she made over 200 films), and who also worked for years in Nevada’s legal brothels.

Now known by her real name Diane, this article shares her story, describing the horrific toll that the sex industry took on her because of how she was so used and abused by the men in her life. (Mostly personally, but sometimes professionally, as those worlds were often connected.) It also shares how incredibly difficult it was for Diane to leave the sex trade.

    “Thomas explained to a reporter how many of the men in her life poached off her decades of earnings, first in the porn industry and later in brothels that capitalized off her high profile adult industry name. She said despite the fact she spent over two decades in the profession – her name and face known throughout the world – she has little to show in the way of savings.

    “I’m finally out,” Thomas said. “I was tired of the stress and people forcing me to do things I don’t want to do. I’m tired of people trying to pressure me to keep doing it when I don’t have to do it. I want to live a normal life like everyone else.” […]

    “The conditions at the brothel where she was working were prison-like with two week, 24/7 lockdowns,” Dr. Martin said. “It was an existence for her that became more and more unbearable, mentally and physically. She wanted to leave, but the money she was making for them was an incentive for them to keep her in it.” […]

    Stanley [Diane’s mother] said it was difficult to hear her daughter say over and over again she didn’t want to live that kind of life anymore.

    “I heard her cry and say she did not want to do these things,” Stanley said. “But no one would help, until Robert (Martin). She and Robert had been friends for a long time and when she called and asked him for help he went and got her, but she was nearly dead.”

    Stanley was referring to Thomas’ poor state of health when Martin retrieved her from Las Vegas, where she had gone into hiding after being beaten and injured by someone she declined to immediately identify. After rescuing Thomas from a bad situation, Dr. Martin nursed her back to health, Thomas’ mother said.”

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NOTE: For some reason the reporter inserted a random short section in the middle of the article that shares a bishop’s opinion on women leaving the sex industry. While everyone is free to practice any faith or none as they choose, Diane has written on her Twitter account that she is spiritual and not religious, so she’s not following the religious aspects of the path that this bishop advises, who is someone who is not connected to Diane.

And to be clear, women in the sex industry are *exploited* by pimps, johns, husbands and boyfriends, etc. So those who are committing the greatest transgressions (“sins”, per the bishop) are not the women in prostitution, who are usually just trying desperately to survive, but the (almost always) MALE EXPLOITERS. It is these men — not the women they’ve exploited — who should be seeking “redemption”, by coming clean and making amends, etc. The bishop does provide some other solid advice, though, about exited women finding a new set of friends for support, who aren’t in the sex industry.

In any case, we wish Diane all the best with whatever path she chooses to take from here on out that helps her to heal and prosper in her new and healthier life.

Go Diane! Well done on your new life! We support you and are grateful for you sharing your story to inform, help, and inspire others! 🙂


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